Tenant, asset or portfolio data via API

Deploy data from Income Analytics within your own systems. Our APIs provide seamless data integration so you can generate tenant credit profiles, view asset ratings or manage your portfolio using data from Income Analytics delivered via your inhouse systems.

Use our APIs to share data across your entire business:

  • Investment brokerage
  • Lettings
  • Valuation
  • Research
  • Asset management
  • Investment management
  • Management
  • Multi asset
  • Compliance

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Tenant, asset or portfolio data via API

  • Tenant IdentificationCompany details, industry type, size of company, number of employees and age of business

  • Global corporate family tree
    Identify where your tenant sits in the global family tree. View parent companies, branches, subsidiaries and ultimate parent wherever they are located around the globe

  • Scores & Ratings
    Measure probability of rental loss at tenant, asset and portfolio level. Use our proprietary long term forecasting models to evaluate credit risk for up to 10 years into the future
  • Financial data
    View latest and five year history showing key financial variables including sales, net worth, assets and liabilities

  • Directors & OfficersConfirm details and view ownership of a company and its shareholders