Portfolio Manager

Our comprehensive portfolio management solution combines industry-leading company data from Dun & Bradstreet with our specialist proprietary real estate analytics. 

Users receive access to alerts, the ability to roll up and look forwards and backwards over time. This enables you to visualise and quantify the future probability of tenant income default, monitor your existing real estate portfolio and make confident investment, lending or letting decisions.


INCANS™ Global Score: A proprietary international tenant, asset and portfolio scoring system for measuring income risk across borders and over time

Long-term probability of default: projected % probability of tenant failure in the next one to ten years 

Equivalent bond rating: Map the projected % probability of tenant failure to an equivalent risk bond for corporate bonds

Income Tranches: View rental income sorted by the equivalent bond rating across the tenancy schedules

24/7 Monitoring: Real-time alerts to any changes in the INCANS™ Global Score

ReWind. Go back in time and look at historical data on your portfolio from any point in time since you purchased it

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