Established in 2020, Income Analytics is comprised of an experienced and award-winning team of real estate professionals, research analysts and data engineers. Subscribing to the idea that necessity is the mother of invention, the company came into existence to answer the problems associated with interpreting and measuring the true value of commercial real estate.

Our Mission

To bring more transparency and efficiency to the global real estate investment market. By creating the world’s first live-to-market tenant income risk score analysis for companies globally we are adding real value to the risk management process. This saves money for our clients by helping them minimise loss of future rental income from their investments.

Our Values

Our employees and partners are committed to excellence, integrity and innovation.


 Striving to be the best at what we do while always looking to improve


Acting in the best interests of our clients by ensuring they are cared for and supported during the duration of our partnership


Being willing to listen, experiment and try new and better ways to improve the client experience

Our Team


Our Clients

At a time of increasing uncertainty and facing new operational and market challenges our exclusive INCANS™ scores provide greater transparency and accuracy to all stakeholders in the global real estate industry.

Our tenant income risk scores and ratings provides significant benefits across tenant and asset underwriting, valuation, portfolio management, reporting, compliance, data integrity and multi-asset investment strategies.

Property Professionals

We provide a comprehensive set of tenant rental income risk measures. These cover critical areas such as loan underwriting, loan book management, reporting and compliance.


We deliver tenant rental income risk measures that can applied across your business. These look at matters such as asset and tenant D&D, fund management, fund reporting, compliance and research.


Our tenant rental income risk measures bring substantial value to key segments of your business. Areas to benefit include loan underwriting, loan book management, reporting and compliance.