Proprietary income risk analytics for the commercial real estate industry 

We deliver a set of proprietary, transparent and standardised tenant income risk measures – known as the INCANS™ Scores – for more than 420 million companies worldwide. 

Created using advanced statistical modelling techniques, the INCANS products empower real estate professionals, investors and lenders to assess, quantify and manage income risk more effectively.

Users can instantly access tenant, asset and portfolio analytics and reports – which are updated in real time – via a highly intuitive dashboard. Scores and reports in both PDF and Excel are easily downloaded along with historical data using the ReWind feature.

View INCANS™ Scores across our three core products:


Quick and easy tenant risk analysis


Measure and manage income risk at asset level

Portfolio Manager

Monitor income risk across your entire portfolio

Income Analytics offers:

User-friendly interface that delivers data online in real-time
Quantitative measures of default failure and risk
Long-term forecast detailing probability of tenant failure over one-to-ten years
Single international scoring system applied to over 420 million companies worldwide
Equivalent bond rating and comparison of CRE income risk with equities and bonds
View and monitor the quality of your tenants’ income 24/7
The Question

Income Analytics was set up to answer one simple question:

What is the % probability that a business will fail during the term of its lease?
The Answer

We have developed the INCANS™ Scores, a unique set of quantitative measures that allow our clients to forecast the % probability of tenant default and subsequent rental loss during the term of a lease.

Delivering greater insights and value than a company credit report

Delivering greater insights and value than a company credit report

What does your business need?



Portfolio Manager


Our easy-to-understand and transparent Tenant Risk scores and analysis make measuring tenant default risk quick and simple. 

Based on quantitative data, rather than subjective measures of risk, our reports allow you to understand the long-term default risk associated with each tenant. This makes undertaking due diligence, signing a new lease or managing your real estate investment portfolio quicker and easier – saving you time and money. 

Looking to use INCANS™ Scores with your existing internal systems?

We have an API that will deliver the data you want when you need it.




Since 2008, commercial real estate has enjoyed an unprecedented bull run in terms of capital value growth. That charge is now over. Today’s economic realities mean that the returns from real estate investments are likely to be “income only” for the foreseeable future. Under such conditions investors need to shift their attention to the quality and duration of their rental cashflows.MORE


Businesses in the logistics sector are the highest risk tenants, while those in healthcare and education present the lowest risk. These are the findings of the INCANS Top 200 Averages for Q2 2022. The ratings, created by Income Analytics, give real estate professionals a likelihood of tenant failure by using advanced statistical modelling. The lower the score, the higher the risk of default. The following are most challenged sectors using data to the end of Q2 2022:MORE


Navigating the post-pandemic economy is turning out to be hard. Ahead are hidden hazards, sharp corners and unpredictable oncoming traffic. UK inflation rose to 9.1% in May, according to data released today. In the U.S. it is 8.5%, both at 40 year highs and both expected to grow. Energy prices are soaring, and growth on both sides of the Atlantic is doubtful: U.S. first-quarter growth was 0.1% whilst UK GDP fell by 0.3% in April.MORE


New data on tenant default risk from Income Analytics has underscored the vulnerability of many logistics occupiers.MORE


Matthew Richardson, Founder and CEO of Income Analytics, said: “We very much welcome the opportunity to work with EG in providing a “best in class” tenant risk solution to their clients. It is an area of the market that has been neglected for far too long, and recent events have only confirmed the need for landlords to better understand their tenants and the challenges they face.” "The INCANS® Scoring system was set up to answer a simple question – “What is the % probability that a tenant will default during the term of their lease?” We are delighted to be able to offer this capability alongside EG’s extensive data sharing platform.”MORE


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