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Navigating the post-pandemic economy is turning out to be hard. Ahead are hidden hazards, sharp corners and unpredictable oncoming traffic. UK inflation rose to 9.1% in May, according to data released today. In the U.S. it is 8.5%, both at 40 year highs and both expected to grow. Energy prices are soaring, and growth on both sides of the Atlantic is doubtful: U.S. first-quarter growth was 0.1% whilst UK GDP fell by 0.3% in April.MORE


New data on tenant default risk from Income Analytics has underscored the vulnerability of many logistics occupiers.MORE


Matthew Richardson, Founder and CEO of Income Analytics, said: “We very much welcome the opportunity to work with EG in providing a “best in class” tenant risk solution to their clients. It is an area of the market that has been neglected for far too long, and recent events have only confirmed the need for landlords to better understand their tenants and the challenges they face.” "The INCANS® Scoring system was set up to answer a simple question – “What is the % probability that a tenant will default during the term of their lease?” We are delighted to be able to offer this capability alongside EG’s extensive data sharing platform.”MORE



Matt Richardson partakes in a Webinar with MSCI and KanAm Grund to discuss what the industry has learned since the 2008 crash.MORE


Great to see a packed turnout for the inaugural INCANS Risk Summit held at Savills London HQ. Many thanks to all involved, and watch out for our next INCANS Risk Insight newsletter for more market-leading intelligence on the world of commercial real estate risk.MORE


INCANS Income Risk Summit on 25th November. The event is kindly being hosted by Savills. The question we will be addressing is; -What has the GFC and Covid taught us about risk in real estate? -Have we learnt the lessons?MORE



Core, prime, opportunistic – what does it all mean? Years of subjective labelling of real estate assets is leading to poor decision making.MORE


What lessons has the real estate industry learnt, 15 years on from the Credit Crunch?MORE


In this quarter’s INCANS Risk Insight, the overall theme is how data will be crucial for allowing us in real estate to make better informed decisions.MORE



Our introductory product video gives a useful oversight into our purpose and operations. Income Analytics has a unique and increasingly important role to play in the changing landscape of commercial real estate investment.MORE


Our 'How to' video on the ReWind featureMORE


Our 'How to' video on the Portfolio Manager ServiceMORE

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We are delighted to inform you that we have released a new feature on the Portfolio Income Manager dashboard. This is as a result of feedback from clients with regards the challenges and cost in time to look back at historical performance of a portfolio, fund or asset.MORE


Our mission is to make accessing tenant risk analytics and monitoring on companies, CRE assets, funds and portfolios across the world as easy and intuitive as possible. Today we launch the first in our series of 'How To' videos for our clients. The first shows how to log in, purchase a company report and create an asset/building report. Every time you access your dashboard you get the latest scores and data on your chosen companies and assets. MORE


Track scores & monitor changes to corporate structure and financial health of your tenants 24/7MORE