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In this month's PERE publication René Veerman from MSCI Real Estate writes about how Covid has shown the need for data tools that enable investors to understand the risk that tenant defaults pose to cashflows and hence why MSCI Inc. has invested in Income Analytics and is providing access to the INCANS tenant income risk dashboard to its global client base.MORE


Check out this fantastic new video by MSCI Real Estate MSCI Inc. on our partnership and 'how and why 'this is such an exciting and important partnership for the global commercial real estate industry.MORE


Exclusive data provided to Bisnow by Income Analytics shows it likely means more bad news for landlords, some of whose tenants may now fail to make it through the vital pre-Christmas trading period.MORE



Great to see a packed turnout for the inaugural INCANS Risk Summit held at Savills London HQ. Many thanks to all involved, and watch out for our next INCANS Risk Insight newsletter for more market-leading intelligence on the world of commercial real estate risk.MORE


INCANS Income Risk Summit on 25th November. The event is kindly being hosted by Savills. The question we will be addressing is; -What has the GFC and Covid taught us about risk in real estate? -Have we learnt the lessons?MORE


Join us for a virtual event on November 8, where we’ll announce the results of the MSCI UK Quarterly Property Index for Q3 2021. We will then take a focus on income risk in the wake of Covid-19: Matt Richardson, CEO and Co-Founder, Income Analytics will join Will Robson, Global Head of Real Estate Solutions Research, to discuss MSCI’s latest research.MORE



In this quarter’s INCANS Risk Insight, the overall theme is how data will be crucial for allowing us in real estate to make better informed decisions.MORE


For decades there have been calls for a re-think on CRE valuations. Now with the perfect storm of a data revolution, shorter leases, more operating expenses, ESG and Covid, this is the time the property valuation community could finally accept that analysis of the income is more important than capital values.MORE


2021 will see commercial real estate tenants will pay rent of more than US$1,400bn. In a low capital growth market commercial real estate becomes a fixed income style investment with a floating capital opportunity attached. But, in the current pandemic, it’s important to understand the occupier, their business environment, along with specific requirements.MORE



Our 'How to' video on the ReWind featureMORE


Our 'How to' video on the Portfolio Manager ServiceMORE


Our 'How to' on using our tenant monitoring service.MORE

Product Updates


We are delighted to inform you that we have released a new feature on the Portfolio Income Manager dashboard. This is as a result of feedback from clients with regards the challenges and cost in time to look back at historical performance of a portfolio, fund or asset.MORE


Our mission is to make accessing tenant risk analytics and monitoring on companies, CRE assets, funds and portfolios across the world as easy and intuitive as possible. Today we launch the first in our series of 'How To' videos for our clients. The first shows how to log in, purchase a company report and create an asset/building report. Every time you access your dashboard you get the latest scores and data on your chosen companies and assets. MORE


Track scores & monitor changes to corporate structure and financial health of your tenants 24/7MORE