INCANS® Tenant Check

Use the INCANS® TENANT CHECK platform to gain greater insight into more than 500m companies worldwide, from sole traders to public entities.

Understand the companies and individuals you are signing a lease with and their future ability to pay rent.

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting:
At Tenant level
Service Level:
INCANS Tenant Check dashboard
We help you answer the all-important question – “what is the % probability that my tenant will fail during the term of the lease?”
INCANS® Tenant Check Product Features:
Future Probability of Default

Calculate how likely your tenant is to default during the term of the lease. View that risk in cash terms

Comparative Risk

Compare the risk of tenant default vs. the corporate bond market

International Scoring

Standardised international scoring, allowing you to compare risk across international borders

24/7 Monitoring & Alerting

Live monitoring of tenant health with email alerts flagging any change in risk profile 

Also included with INCANS® Tenant Check:

KYC & Verification

Verify your tenant is genuine, confirm its registered details, address and legal status

Payment Performance

View tenants D&B PAYDEX Score and track how a tenant is paying its bills

Company Tree

View the global corporate family tree and understand the true ownership of any tenant and its parent

Financial Performance

View a full 5 year financial history to help you understand if a company is growing or financially stable

Credit Score & Limit

View credit scores, key factors influencing the credit decision and recommended rental limits


Verify the identity of company directors

Centralised Application

Help your team move away from spreadsheets, with clean tenant records that can be shared across multiple teams and departments

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