Q2 2023 Income Analytics T200 reports


August 22nd 2023, London. The latest T200 reports from Income Analytics (INCANS) shows a mixed picture for retail sector tenants across the UK, Western Europe and North America. In Europe, retailers score below their regional averages, while in North America they trend above the average. The leisure sector has improved but remains below average in Western Europe, while has rebounded after the pandemic to score above average in the UK and North America.

Our latest reports highlight the key regional trends for real estate occupiers. 

The INCANS® T200 series of reports have been developed by Income Analytics using company level data provided by Dun & Bradstreet. The figures are calculated at the end of each quarter by generating an average % probability of failure for the top 200 companies in each of the 83 SIC 2 industry code type. Income Analytics provides reports for the UK, Western Europe and North America.

Download the reports here:

United Kingdom

Western Europe

North America