Income Analytics partners with EG Radius to supply tenant and asset risk solution for the UK real estate industry


Matthew Richardson, Founder and CEO of Income Analytics, said: “We very much welcome the opportunity to work with EG in providing a “best in class” tenant risk solution to their clients. It is an area of the market that has been neglected for far too long, and recent events have only confirmed the need for landlords to better understand their tenants and the challenges they face.”

"The INCANS® Scoring system was set up to answer a simple question – “What is the % probability that a tenant will default during the term of their lease?” We are delighted to be able to offer this capability alongside EG’s extensive data sharing platform.”

EG, an established provider of data, news and analytics products and services for the commercial real estate market, is partnering with Income Analytics - a provider of proprietary income risk analytics - delivering tenant and asset risk reports to users of EG Radius.

The Tenant & Asset Risk feature, powered by Income Analytics, and driven by quantitative data, enables real estate professionals, investors and lenders to assess, quantify and manage the global income risk of tenants from within EG Radius, transforming the real estate industry.

Tenant, asset and portfolio analytics and reports can be instantly accessed via a real-time dashboard within EG Radius and downloaded as PDF documents or spreadsheets. Using predictive analytics, the reports enable users to underwrite and monitor tenant income risk at a tenant and asset level, improving operational efficiency and reducing costs.

Sean Norris, Managing Director of EG, said “EG Radius is continuing to expand its offering to meet the changing needs of the UK real estate market. With covenant risk such an important consideration for landlords and their advisers – and valuation models being disrupted - we want to ensure we are providing the best possible solution. By partnering with Income Analytics we are able to supply our clients with future-looking financial and risk data, enabling them to minimise the loss of tenant income. The additional features offered by Income Analytics means EG Radius improves its ability to provide critical intelligence that supports our clients’ decision-making.”

About EG

EG is an established provider of data, news and analytics products and services for the commercial real estate market.  EG products and services address the challenges and the data demands of all sectors and industries within UK commercial real estate. We deliver industry-leading events and weekly magazine content, and market leading data products including EG Radius, the only contributory data sharing platform for the UK commercial property market.

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